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The Girl Code Book inspo

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

The Girl Code book draws significant inspiration from the timeless classic "Mean Girls" movie, which first exposed the negative mindsets and actions perpetuated by our girl culture that had been shrouded in silence for centuries, especially in media. The film's impact was profound not only because of its relatability, but also because it challenged the trend of pitting women against each other for the sake of ratings that had dominated television shows and media for years. "Mean Girls" changed the game with its candid messaging and platform.

Similar to the Burn Book featured in the movie, where people would write mean things about others' personalities, looks, and dress sense, Girl Code is the antithesis, offering a space to learn, unlearn and share knowledge with those who would have previously been the target of such criticism. Being your sister's keeper means having each other's backs instead of speaking ill of one another. Join us in breaking down the negative patterns of our girl culture and replacing them with positivity and sisterhood.

If you have not seen the Mean Girls movie yet I HIGHLY recommend it. However for those who have, Happy October 3rd! 💗

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