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How we got started

In the year of 2021, a young girl by the name of Ma'Khia Bryant, who was only 16 years of age, was unfortunately killed by a police officer. This occurred after she was involved in a physical altercation, which she had called the police about prior to the event. Due to her mishandling of the situation, she was perceived as the aggressor and the police used lethal force. In light of this tragedy, I felt compelled to take action by creating media that highlights the detrimental effects of female rivalry. My efforts led to an overwhelming response, which motivated me to spend the rest of the year organizing community "Girl Talks" throughout Ohio. These events provided a safe space for women and girls to connect with one another, share their experiences, and collaborate on solutions to combat the negative aspects of girl culture. Our goal is to continue spreading this message of love and sisterhood globally through our Girl Talks, You Can Sit With Us events, and programming.

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