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Welcome to Our Community: Empowerment, Connection, and Growth at Girl Code Media

     Girl Code Media is dedicated to fostering empowerment and sisterhood through a range of engaging events and workshops.

  • ‘Girl Talk’ Panel Events: Our signature ‘Girl Talk’ events are more than just discussions; they are catalysts for change. Aimed at empowering women aged 21-35, these gatherings address the challenges of drama, violence, and division in girl culture. We create a culturally competent and supportive environment where open, honest conversations spark inspiration and foster skill development. By nurturing positive girl culture, we equip women to be compassionate leaders, role models, and nurturing mothers, contributing to a healthier, more inclusive society.

  • Girl Code Activations for Conferences and Events: Looking to bring the spirit of Girl Code to your event? We specialize in creating bespoke Girl Code activations for conferences and other gatherings. Our activations are designed to complement your event's theme, adding a layer of empowerment and sisterhood that resonates with attendees.

  • Empowerment Workshops: Dive into our interactive workshops covering topics like sisterhood, social skills, positive work culture, leadership/digital leadership, effective communication, conflict resolution, and so much more! These sessions are more than learning opportunities; they are transformative experiences that empower you to excel.

  • Networking Events: Our networking events offer a platform for women to connect, collaborate, and share experiences, fostering professional growth and building strong networks.

Membership Digital Communities with Patreon

Join our digital sisterhood with our vibrant online communities and exclusive content access.

  • Online Forums and Groups: Engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and find support in our online forums and groups. These platforms are safe spaces for connection and growth, catering to the diverse needs and stories of women and girls.

  • Exclusive Content Access: As a member of Girl Code Media, gain access to insightful resources, content, and special events. From articles and videos to webinars and online meet-ups, these materials are crafted to enrich and empower your journey with us.


Special Message

Thank you to Ms.Karyn Parsons and all of our participants who came to our "Hilary Banks" brunch in partnership with BG Luxe. This acknowledgment from the real Hilary Banks means a lot to us!

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Courtnee Scott, Columbus

To be in the space you are gifted to create is an honor. I learn so much from young women like yourself creating spaces for vulnerability and wisdom. As a mother of a young girl I'm so so grateful that she can look up to ya'll as an example.


"The Girl Code workshop was nothing short of amazing. Each of the Girl Code members were skilled at targeting the very concerns that high school girls face on a daily basis. Girl Code leaders captured our girls' attention the first few mins of the the workshop and kept their interest until the VERY end. 

Atlanta GA participants

Loved your session! So great to be in a genuine space uplifting women!
Thank you for sharing your Girl Code book with us! I loved it!
You were absolutely amazing just as always! Thank you for spreading positivity and great energy!
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