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Girl Code Media

At Girl Code Media, our mission is clear: to empower women through powerful storytelling and contribute to personal development by sharing stories that align with our Girl Code principles. Sadly, the media has been guilty of perpetuating harmful stereotypes, particularly around female rivalry. But we're not content to stand by and watch this happen any longer. We're determined to disrupt this toxic narrative and transform the way women are portrayed in the media. Together, we can create a better future for the next generation of empowered women. Don't miss out on our inspiring and informative content - subscribe to our podcast on Youtube today and join us in the journey of personal growth and empowerment!

Get our Girl Code book on Amazon to follow along, or host a book club of your own in your city and send us the media for it to repost on our page!

Some of the stories we 
care about.


What we do


Create Content & Media

Here at Girl Code we understand the power of storytelling and we want to take up space in the media industry by telling transformative stories through media, podcasts, short films, and eventually tv shows and movies.


Creative Direction

We want to assist with other brands and companies on telling their stories better and help with inspiring campaign work and marketing. We do network partnerships and host live community events for other brands,


Media Company

We want to support other creatives who are telling stories that can advance the girl culture by sharing their stories on our social platforms and will soon be able to have our own television network. We also will critic and assist existing networks with their programming & movies to make sure they get a Girl Code stamp of approval.

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