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Girl Code Summer
Leadership Program

Introducing the Girl Code Summer Youth Program: Empowering Leaders, Fostering Sisterhood!

The the Girl Code Summer Youth Program is a dynamic and transformative experience that focuses on leadership and character development for young girls. Rooted in cultural competence, our program is designed to be digestible and engaging, ensuring that participants feel seen, heard, and valued.

Special thank you to the City Of Columbus Department of Neighborhoods - Commission on Black Girls for funding this program!


Ms.Crockett (parent)

My daughter was reluctant to begin the program, after only a day her attitude turned around completely! She looked forward to going each day, and would come home applying the skills and confidence she received from girl code. I believe the girl code program gave her a new found confidence and different perspectives from relatable strong women. I highly recommend this program, I wish there was a program just like this for young men. I thank the team at girl code for delivering above my expectations!

Ms. Felicia (parent)

The girl code was Haydenn’s first camp she has attended in over 6 years. It helped her find herself and be comfortable in her skin. She walked in to a new school this year the most confident I’ve ever seen.

Girl Code participant

 I feel like this program  boosted my confidence and make it so that no one can tell me what I am or who I'm not. Only I know who I really am and I know how to just ignore anyone who tries to tell me different or stand up for myself.
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