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The Girl Code Story

The year was 2021 when a young girl, only 16 years old, lost her life in a senseless act of violence. Ma'Khia Bryant was her

name, and she was just like any other girl her age. But instead of a bright future ahead of her, she met a tragic end due to a girl fight that got out of hand. It's heartbreaking to think that a young lifecould be cut short in such a senseless way.

The sad reality is that girl fighting is all too common in our society, and it's often glorified in media. It's a toxic part of our girl culture that needs to change. So many women and girls have experienced similar situations that could have ended just like Ma'Khia's. It's time to put an end to this harmful behavior once and for all.

But what can one person do in the face of such overwhelming societal pressure?

Social media influencer Chanel Jack decided to speak out and use her voice to make a difference. She created media to shed light on the damaging effects of female rivalry, and the response was incredible. People were moved by her message and she decided to do something about it.

With a newfound sense of purpose, Chanel dedicated herself to creating safe spaces for women and girls to come together and talk about these issues. She organized "Girl Talks" in different cities around Ohio, giving girls a chance to be heard and exercise leadership. These events were a lifeline for girls in the community, providing them with a sense of connection and belonging that they desperately needed.

The importance of sisterhood cannot be overstated. It's through connection and collaboration that we can create real change in the world. Chanel, along with her Girl Code team and partners are determined to spread the message of love and support through her Girl Code media, You Can Sit With Us events, and programming. She won't rest until the systems and social conditioning that put women against each other are dismantled, and true sisterhood prevails.

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