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Girl Code Enrichment Program

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Girl Code is an enrichment program designed to address social, emotional, behavioral barriers and risk factors that prevent our children from showing up as there best selves. This program is to serve as mentoring to help young women shape their future, navigate life in a positive way, and encourage sisterhood/community.


The primary goal of this program is to serve as mentoring to help young women shape their futures. Our organization is aiming to help high school students who are suffering from any social and emotional problems.

The Girls Code Program is not just designed to address but also to cope up with social, emotional, health and relationship problems that are being faced by teens. The entire program includes weekly, mentor-led and girl’s group and solo activities. Girls are resilient, powerful and resourceful and they are the experts in determining their future. Girls get more power when they are educated, healthy, and safe, they can transform their communities. The main purpose of the program is to let girls learn to stand up for themselves and for others in need. They empower others and make our world a better place to live.

This program will help girls in

  • developing confidence in their leadership potential and their own sense of identity.

  • improving self-esteem in themselves and others.

  • enhancing their communication skills (nonverbal, listening, written and oral communication) in sharing, reflecting, and discussing.

  • understanding the importance of diversity and improving their ability to relate to others.

  • learning effective decision-making methods and experiencing problem-solving situations.

  • practicing managing different types of resources.

  • learning group social skills.

Background of Reference Book

This program is associated with the book Girl Code. Girl Code is a mentorship book published by Chanel that includes new material and rules. Girl Code is a how-to guide for female entrepreneurs, professionals, and 'side hustlers.'

The book is dedicated to all the children, teenagers, and women who are trying to find their way in the world and need a little extra help. Because some of these children/teens/women do not have role models, they will learn how to navigate certain problems and peer pressures in school through various activities mentioned in the curriculum.


Teaching girls to be confident early on will help them find their own value and succeed when they are faced with challenges. This curriculum aims to help girls learn to be confident in the way they think, move, and communicate.

The focus of this curriculum is on four critical themes:

  1. Rules to live by for Self.

  2. Relationships.

  3. Friendships.

  4. Business.

These four categories are named as themes that will take 6 weeks and cover topics such as self-esteem, self-confidence, decision-making, assessing and identifying oneself, healthy and unhealthy relationships, boundaries in relationships, business and other problematic scenarios as appropriate for the specific group.

Girls in our program learn and grow by participating in energetic, hands-on activities designed to foster meaningful relationships with their mentors and build a strong foundation for the future. Curriculum elements span speaking prompts, creative projects, guided discussion, and opportunities for reflection.

Elements of the Curriculum

This curriculum includes the following elements:

  • high-quality literature

  • small- and large-group discussions

  • step-by-step, easy-to-follow procedures

  • detailed background information for teachers

Description of Planned Activities

The planned activities offer an extensive range of opportunities for the growth and development of this age group of youth. The activities are "natural" in the sense that they provide enjoyable learning experiences for youth while also assisting them with many social and group interaction skills encountered during adolescence.

The activities in each theme lesson are intended to engage young people in experiences that require them to interact, analyze, question, reflect, and apply what they have learned.

The types of questions asked will vary with the activity, some questions may relate to the content but must go beyond it. If a specific life skill is to be enhanced, then the youth should have the opportunity to become as involved with understanding the life skill as understanding the subject related skill.

6 C's of Positive Youth Development

Girls Code uses the 6Cs, a nationally recognized youth development framework, to structure our mentoring curriculum for young girls . Through the lens of the 6Cs, we foster healthy outcomes among young people and promote positive self-identity and leadership capability. Participants of GC gain skills in:

  • Confidence: Strong girls realize their inner strengths to dream and do.

  • Competence: Strong girls know how to get things done.

  • Character: Strong girls embrace their individuality.

  • Contribution: Strong girls know how to make a positive difference.

  • Caring: Strong girls show kindness and care for others.

  • Connection: Strong girls value community.

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