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Girl Code Media

Join the Girl Code Media movement today! We're not just a media company; we're a transformative community committed to reshaping the narrative around women and girls' relationships. By challenging traditional norms and fostering leadership, we empower and inspire change both online and offline. Be part of the change you wish to see—connect with us to empower leaders and inspire transformation.


Sisterhood • Social impact  Social innovation • Social justice

"Welcome to Girl Code Media – where we're redefining the essence of sisterhood and transforming the narrative of female friendships. In a world where media often misrepresents women's relationships as fraught with conflict and rivalry, we stand as a beacon of positive change.

At Girl Code Media, we delve deep into the heart of what it means to build and sustain healthy, empowering relationships. Our mission is to teach the foundational principles of Girl Code, a set of morals and guidelines that nurture respect, understanding, and genuine connection among women and girls. We understand that finding a like-minded community can be challenging, and navigating the complexities of friendships isn't always straightforward. That's why our focus is on equipping women and girls with the skills they need for conflict resolution, expressing love, and embracing the true spirit of sisterhood – even with strangers. Girl Code is more than just a standard; it's a pathway to lasting, fulfilling relationships that uplift and inspire.

Join us in creating a world where every girl knows how to be a friend, a leader, and a sister, guided by the principles of integrity, compassion, and solidarity. (Now based in Atlanta GA)

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Columbus OH - Atlanta GA 

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Our Services

Empowering Women & Girls


Dive into our range of compelling content, from thought-provoking books and podcasts to engaging digital narratives, all crafted to challenge stereotypes and celebrate female strength.


Participate in our transformative youth initiatives, designed to equip young minds with the skills to navigate life, as well as our digital leadership program that helps youth navigate the social media world safely and confidently, promoting healthy social interactions and self-esteem.


Our Girl Code workshops are ideal for women and girls seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives through positive interactions and community building. Some of the themes are: Sisterhood, Morality, Conflict Resolution, Safety, Leadership, Social Education, and much more!


We create safe spaces where women and girls from around the globe connect, share, and thrive in a supportive and uplifting environment. These spaces provide group therapy and healing from the trauma that threatens connection.


CEO at Color Coded Labs

I follow and support Chanel Jack of #GirlCode, because she has gotten real clarity about the root causes of violence, suicide, mental health challenges, and true tragedies as well as just limitations of a young woman's potential. True pain and tragedy often starts with very small origins. I follow because we can’t get more women of color on pathways to generational wealth through careers in technology if we can’t get them to adulthood in good mental and emotional health. Kudos Chanel Jack for your work. People pay attention to this.

Fawn Harris, OH

"The Girl Code workshop was nothing short of amazing. Each of the Girl Code members were skilled at targeting the very concerns that high school girls face on a daily basis. Girl Code leaders captured our girls' attention the first few mins of the the workshop and kept their interest until the VERY end. 

Liyah , CL

 I'm so happy I went to be in a room with other like-minded women who can come together and share their stories and uplift women and young ladies coming into adulthood is magical! My best friend even made me talk and interact, but it wasn't awkward, and it felt like my voice was heard and that is a great feeling

If you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

"You Can Sit With Us"


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Girl Code Media Podcast

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Our Nonprofit

Women's Leadership Academy, a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of negative social norms among women and girls. Our mission is to tackle and eradicate issues like bullying, violence, and 'mean girl' behavior, fostering a culture of support, respect, and empowerment. To discover more about our impactful programs and how you can be a part of this change, please click the button below.

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