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Our mission is to redefine female relationships by challenging negative social norms among women and girls, promoting healthier personal and professional bonds. Media portrayals often perpetuate negative stereotypes, diminishing the worth of women, leading us to undervalue each other. To counter this, we are changing the narrative through media, programming, transformative Girl Talk conversations, and our community building initiatives to empower women and girls. We emphasize sisterhood, moral excellence, leadership, and social education while embracing the principles of Girl Code. You can join our community on YouTube, Apple, or Spotify by subscribing to Girl Code Media by clicking on the social links below. Additionally, our books, merch, and workbooks are available for purchase which supports our podcast and programming.

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Girl Code - Teaching Values, Increasing Value.

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CEO at Color Coded Labs

I follow and support Chanel Jack of #GirlCode, because she has gotten real clarity about the root causes of violence, suicide, mental health challenges, and true tragedies as well as just limitations of a young woman's potential. True pain and tragedy often starts with very small origins. I follow because we can’t get more women of color on pathways to generational wealth through careers in technology if we can’t get them to adulthood in good mental and emotional health. Kudos Chanel Jack for your work. People pay attention to this.

Fawn Harris, OH

"The Girl Code workshop was nothing short of amazing. Each of the Girl Code members were skilled at targeting the very concerns that high school girls face on a daily basis. Girl Code leaders captured our girls' attention the first few mins of the the workshop and kept their interest until the VERY end. 

Liyah , CL

 I'm so happy I went to be in a room with other like-minded women who can come together and share their stories and uplift women and young ladies coming into adulthood is magical! My best friend even made me talk and interact, but it wasn't awkward, and it felt like my voice was heard and that is a great feeling


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Previous Partners & Sponsors of this work

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If you want to go quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

"You Can Sit With Us"

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